Funk DRUM Beats is a new e-Book that uses a unique approach to playing drum set rhythms. It uses a minimal style that provides a exciting method of playing drum kit patterns. The beats are suitable for many styles of music including funk, rock, drum 'n' bass, fusion, jazz-rock, pop and salsa.

Features of the Funk DRUM Beats e-book:

- designed for display on both computers and tablet devices

- ability to print out sections of the book for easy access in your practice room

- 12 unique co-ordination exercises to increase your ability to play the beats

- 54 one-bar introductory exercises that introduce the subject matter of the e-book

- 120 two-bar Funk Drum Patterns covering a range of contemporary beats

- 16 eight-bar Funk Drum Pattern Combinations with thousands of possibilities

- create limitless variations based on the beats in the book

- suitable for intermediate to advanced level drummers

- 76 page e-Book packed with useful and creative funk beats

- PDF format can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat or any other compatible software

Purchase the Funk DRUM Beats e-Book for $8.99 (USD)